For The Love of Flowers and Dogs

That darling of all romantics, the impressionist painter Claude Monet, said this about how Nature influenced his work: 

« Je suis en train de suivre la nature sans être capable de la saisir, je dois peut-être aux fleurs d’être devenu un peintre »

Just like Monet, I am also following Nature without being able to grasp her, perhaps owing becoming a painter (candle maker) to flowers…and dogs.

Loving the visual abundance of flowers, it is the combination of their appearance combined with an all-encompassing cloud of beautiful scent, that is, in my opinion, the personification of luxe.

But, how to achieve this perfumed nebule without access to sweet smelling flowering blooms year-round? Very few commercially grown flowers these days emit the sought-after scent, being grown more for their visual than olfactory charm, while gardens boasting heady perfumed blooms are only available to the privileged few.


Enters the scented candle. LilyGilded candles were born from a desire to be enveloped by beautiful fragrance, but also from the necessity to mask the muskiness that sometimes hang around our darling pets. As three border collies grace the LilyGilded household, odour elimination is not something to be sniffed at.

The initial tinkering with layers of authentic floral scents for personal pleasure, has since evolved into a fully-fledged 100% natural soya candle production, characterized by safe candles with layers of the most divine floral, spicy and aldehyde notes.

Each perfume in the collection is a result of hours spent concocting, sniffing, testing and ultimately enjoying the new-born combinations, before it is deemed worthy of being added to the LilyGilded range of luxurious candles. These fragrances are all uniquely designed by Elria Ellis, Creative Director at LilyGilded. Every step of the candle-making process is artisanal. Every candle is unique. Every candle has only one purpose: to bring pleasure to the senses and to decorate your soul.