• Lily Gilded, Decorate Your Soul

    Luxurious Scented 100% Soja Candle, Handmade in Belgium, The Home of Excellence.


P R O D U C T    H I G H L I G H T

NEW: Muguet Scented 100% Soja Candle

A breath of Springtime freshness captured in a delicately hand painted jar. Worthy of the lily of the valley bloom, the eternal symbol of friendship and offered by friends to friends in the European Spring.


A B O U T   U S



Lily Gilded makes environmentally safe perfumed candles and wax melts so you can enjoy designer fragrances in opulent, handcrafted containers, without any concerns about health risks. Lily Gilded candles serve as excellent care gifts for your loved ones and can be shipped to their doorstep.

In a quick-paced age, Lily Gilded signifies the yearning to a gilded, more gracious era. Each exquisite component of a Lily Gilded candle is handcrafted: from the hand finished glass container right up to the silk pouch in which it is presented. The undeniable star of the show, however, is the richly perfumed natural soya wax candle. Layers of exotic floral and spicy fragrances transport the senses to secret sun-warmed gardens and fascinating faraway pockets of the world, yet to be explored.

Dare to escape reality and start decorating your soul.

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